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The Poetry of Tadeusz Borowski

Poet. Gruaduate of Poland's Underground Educational system during WWII. Survivor of the Holocaust. Uniter of lost families. Writer of powerful short stories. And finally, a writer for the Communist regime in Poland.

These pages concentrate his years as a poet, before he wrote the short stories that gave him his fame.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
How Borowski made it from the Ukraine to Warsaw during the early days of Stalin.

*Untitled poem. Listing is a portion of the first line of the poem.

Hiding From the Germans in Warsaw
Dedication · Names of the River · Will you come back to me?* · The Interrogation
To the Germans · When evening embraces the city*

In Auschwitz, Dautmergen and Dachau
The Sun of Auschwitz · October Sky · Rain is lashing the mud . . .* · I think of you.*
I know you are alive* · On the Way to Tipperary

Interned By the American at Freimann
Return to Life · Project: Flag · Curriculum Vitae · New Deal
Shreds of Freedom · Lines in an Autograph Album

In Munich, Before Returning to Poland
You know, I think more and more often* · Two Countries · Resume of a Good German
Prayer For the Salvation of Kaltenbrunner's Soul · Farewell To Maria · neither poems nor prose*

Stalin's Revenge on the Writer who Once Escaped Him
A quick overview of the time he spent after returning to Warsaw.

Borowski's Prose Writings
Some books with his writings you can buy.

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